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To new clients, I look forward to meeting you!

To my current clients: I am so grateful for your support over the years. Words will never express the gratitude I feel on a daily basis for you all. I wake up everyday able to do what I love and support my family doing it.

I am so BLESSED because of you!

What to Expect

Each session, we’ll spend a few minutes discussing your concerns, goals, and any new information about you that I need to know.

Massage is an art form. The better you can articulate your needs to me, the better I can alter the application of my touch and techniques to give you your desired results.

What Clients Are Saying

Relaxing and Healing

I have been to many massage therapists over the years, big cities and small. Kaitlan is the best I’ve ever had in balancing perfectly deep tissue massage so it has lasting effect and also having it be relaxing and healing. She is very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I have. So thankful to have found her.


Kaitlan Listens and Delivers

Kind, caring, knowledgeable, and effective. Kaitlan listens and delivers. My last visit I had the privilege of experiencing her Ashiatsu technique and loved it!


I am Hooked!

I had never tried the Ashiatsu. I went in for a regular massage and boy was it amazing! Kaitlan gave me a little taste of what the Ashiatsu was and I’m hooked! I had never even heard of this type before! Love it! Every cell and muscle in my body is thanking me! 5 stars for sure! The ambiance was amazing, Kaitlan really knew what she was doing. It was perfect! Going back for sure!



Kaitlan was everything and more than I expected. She answered all the questions, very pleasant! I opted for the Ashiatsu barefoot massage, I was skeptical, but had had many massages previously from other therapists, I was pleasantly impressed with this method. I was more impressed with the perfect mix of professionalism and warm personality of Kaitlan! You can’t go wrong here, give it a shot!


Much Needed Relief

I have been getting massages for 18+ years due to medical issues. I had a hard time finding someone that I really liked in the area until I found Kaitlin. She listens to my needs, and is willing to switch up the focus depending on my current needs. The deep tissue massage helps my extremely tight muscles relax, giving me much needed relief every week.


Gentle Deep Tissue Massage

My wife and I have been to a lot of massage places over the years. Now that we are senior citizens, it’s nice to have found Rogue Raven. Kaitlan is one of the best we have ever had. Her deep tissue work is outstanding and her thorough approach is coupled with gentleness! A strange combination! I have never had a massage therapist this good! It’s that simple.



Do I have to Be Naked?

Not at all. However, if you want the best low back and hip relief, I highly recommend undressing completely. Barefoot massage in its pure form is a very hip- and low-back-focused massage, so the best and most complete strokes are best performed without any clothing obstacles.

What should I do after a massage?

If you are going to consume alcohol, make sure you consume twice the amount of water with it, please. Avoid sitting for periods longer than 45 minutes without moving. Avoid any heavy lifting or heavy activity for at least 24 hours. A warm bath with Epsom salts will help to prolong the massage benefits. Most importantly, take it easy and drink plenty of water!

Why are massages so expensive?

I try to keep my overhead as low as possible so that I can provide affordable and effective massages​ for everyone. With that said, massage therapists have a lot of hidden costs. Healthcare, personal 401k plans, rent, licensing fees, insurance, continuing education costs, cost of supplies, laundry services, quarterly taxes, business materials, time, and lots of energy. That is why I have such a Spartan cancellation policy. If somebody misses their appointment, it’s not just a loss of income, it’s a loss of livelihood.

What's the difference between Ashiatsu Deep Tissue and regular Deep Tissue?

You arrive at your deep tissue appointment with the “No Pain, No Gain” mentality, readying yourself to probably shed a few tears on the massage table and wake up the next morning feeling like you unsuccessfully tried to outrun Tyrannosaurus Rex. Deep tissue should hurt right? If there is no pain, nothing is happening, yes? Thankfully, it’s a pretty common misconception that a deep tissue massage should hurt. Now, I’m not talking about the “hurts sooo good” feeling, I’m talking about the “bone crushing, sweat dripping, why am I paying this person” pain level that most people (and therapists) associate with a deep tissue massage with. 

Your nervous system is divided into two types—your parasympathetic nervous system and your sympathetic nervous system. You’ve probably already heard of your sympathetic nervous system more commonly referred to as the “fight or flight” system. When your body perceives a dangerous or stressful stimuli—in this case severe pain—your body automatically goes into protection mode, whether you want it to or not. Your body dumps a heavy amount of adrenaline into your system, your heart rate increases, your pupils dilate, your airways relax allowing you to take deep breaths, blood is directed from your digestive organs to your muscles, your muscles contract, and you start to sweat. Every part of you that you can’t control is preparing you to fly off the massage table. Sounds relaxing right? Unfortunately, your body doesn’t know the difference between a bear attack and a just plain painful massage elbow that finds a bone, and once the sympathetic nervous system is activated, it takes some time to calm down. Basically, you have just paid X amount of money to stress your body out, and have a therapist dig as deeply as they can into a contracted muscle. You end up leaving the massage worse off than where you started.                                          

We obviously don’t want the sympathetic nervous system to join you on the massage table! Enter in the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as your “rest and digest” system. This is where the magic happens! No massage is truly successful until you turn this system on. Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system decreases your heart rate, blood is directed to organs for digestion, muscles relax, breathing slows and your body decreases energy usage. A relaxed muscle is much easier to work on, and far more therapeutic. In simpler terms, your body is giving the therapist permission to work.  Alright, so where do we go from here? 

So Why Ashiatsu?

Since Ashiatsu is done with the feet, deep pressure is delivered over a very broad and flat surface so there is no sharp pain involved. But don’t worry, you aren’t sacrificing pressure to avoid activation of the sympathetic nervous system. In fact, you are getting three times the pressure of an elbow, without the sharp, stabbing pain that often activates the fight or flight system! Ashiatsu allows the therapist to work much deeper, getting to all the tissue layers with less incidence of sympathetic nervous system activation. Every muscle fiber, every wrap of fascia and every tendon gets a deep, steamroll and stretch without severe pain. It’s far easier to maintain “hurts so good” pressure with a broad surface, you stay in your happy place, and the body gets a chance to truly and completely unwind.

Massages seem like a luxury - Is there any real benefit to them?

Massage increases circulation, especially to damaged tissue that is starving for nutrients, and blood, it stimulates lymphatic flow which supports the immune system and aids in the removal of cellular metabolic waste​, increases joint flexibility by relaxing the muscles surrounding stiff areas and stretching areas of scar tissue that limit movement, alleviates areas of pain, reduces spasms and cramps, reduces headaches and migraines, and releases endorphins. Plus, it’s a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.